Hinkley Center Report # 10999

P.I.:  Gang Chen, Florida State University

In our prior research, we designed a multifunctional energy- and space-saving reactor and tested the designed reactor for the treatment of landfill leachate with high ammonium, chloride and heavy metal contents. It has been demonstrated that this unique design provides an efficient and energy- and space-saving means of onsite management of landfill leachate. To further reduce the chemical costs and simplify the operation, electrocoagulation was incorporated into the multifunctional reactor in this research for enhanced arsenic and phosphorus removal. In addition, two stages of fiber filtration/biofiltration were included after electrocoagulation to ensure the removal of micro-sized coagulated particles and decomposition of residual organic compounds. This technology makes the onsite leachate treatment possible, which may reduce the current high costs of off-site leachate disposal means such as transporting landfill leachate via tanker trucks to local wastewater treatment plants. This efficient, low-maintenance and cost-saving multifunctional reactor can be recommended for the treatment of landfill leachate with variable compositions at landfill sites where current leachate disposal costs are high and space- and environmental concerns limit other long-term options.

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