Investigator:  Tarek Abichou, FAMU / FSU

New Technique to Quantify CH4 Oxidation and Encourage Field Implementation of Biocovers"


Many studies using various types of biocover materials to attenuate CH4 emissions have been performed both at the laboratory and field scale. The results demonstrated that CH4 emissions can be effectively reduced using compost, amended sandy soils and other materials as cover materials using several mechanisms. One of the main issues delaying the field implementation of biocovers capable of reducing CH4 emissions from landfills, is the lack of a widely accepted protocol to assess the level of CH4 oxidation under field conditions.


The GPPT (Gas Push Pull Test) is a single-well gas tracer test capable of assessing CH4 under field conditions.  This test requires a mixture of inert tracer and reactive gases (methane) to be injected (pushed) into the soil. The gas mixture is then, after a predetermined period of time, recovered (pulled) from the soil.  The CH4 oxidation capacity of different cover materials and different cover designs can be estimated by comparing the CH4 content of the injected and recovered gas samples.


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