Research was conducted to assess how widespread elevated concetrations of boron (B) and strontium (Sr) were in Florida C&D disposal facility groundwater. Available data from regulatory compliance reports found that Sr was below the regulatory risk threshold at all sites examined, but many of the sites possessed B above the risk threshold. Both B and Sr were measured in leach tests on drywall, and B leached to a considerable extent from some types of treated wood. Two potential sources of the constituents were examined: leachate from the landfill and mobilization from site soils. Results of soil testing and an critical assessment of the groundwater monitoring data suggest that leachate is the more likely source. Given that Sr did not occur above the regulatory risk threshold, this element does not appear to pose a concern relative to other groundwater issues. The presence of B does, however, merit additional attention and may need to be included as part of routine monitoring requirements for all such facilities.



University of FloridaFlorida international universityUSFMiami UniversityFlorida A&MUCFFlorida StateFAUUniversity of West FloridaFlorida Institute of Technology