FCSHWM for FDEP, 7/95, #95-4A (summary only, 36 Kb)

This report presents the findings of a multi-university research study conducted for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on the health impacts associated with commercial hazardous waste incinerators. The members of the research team studied what is known abut hazardous waste incinerators and the emissions associated with such facilities. The researchers also reviewed the available methodologies for evaluating the impacts of a proposed incinerator before it is built and for monitoring actual impacts after an incinerator has been built. It is hoped that legislators and interested citizens find this report to be useful in any future discussions regarding commercial hazardous waste incineration.


University of FloridaFlorida international universityUSFMiami UniversityFlorida A&MUCFFlorida StateFAUUniversity of West FloridaFlorida Institute of Technology