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The Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management announces a public meeting to which all persons are invited.

GENERAL SUBJECT MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED: Please SAVE-THE-DATE of Friday, January 26 (1 to 3 pm eastern time) for the first TAG meeting for the Hinkley Center research project entitled, “Characterization of Perfluorinated Compounds in Landfill Leachate and Preliminary Evaluation of Leachate Treatment Processes.”   Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are fluorine-containing chemicals that are found in many products that are stick and stain resistant. The most common of the PFCs are perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which is used to make Teflon, and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), a breakdown product of a common water resistant chemical known as Scotchgard. Although used widely, only recently have their human health impacts been recognized. Studies have linked PFOA and PFOS to thyroid and liver diseases, diseases of the immune system, and cancer. Due to their wide ranging usage in consumer products, landfills represent a logical end-of-life reservoir for PFCs. The objectives of this study are to evaluate the concentrations of PFCs in leachates from Florida landfills and to assess the capacity of current treatments to remove PFCs from leachate. To learn more about the project and about the upcoming TAG meeting please contact Dr. Helena Solo-Gabriele at hmsolo@miami.edu.  Computer/Virtual conferencing will be available for this TAG meeting.

DATE: 01/26/2018
TIME: 01:00PM-03:00PM

If you would like information regarding how to “attend” these meetings, please call (352) 392-6264 for more information.  The Hinkley Center is a statewide research center focused on developing sound Florida-based strategies for solid waste and hazardous waste management. The Center is associated with 8 public and two private universities in Florida and is hosted by the University of Florida Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering www.hinkleycenter.org

A copy of the agenda may be obtained by contacting: John Schert, jschert@ufl.edu 352-392-6264
Pursuant to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, any person requiring special accommodations to participate in this workshop/meeting is asked to advise the agency at least 2 days before the workshop/meeting by contacting: John Schert, jschert@ufl.edu 352-392-6264. If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact the agency using the Florida Relay Service, 1(800)955-8771 (TDD) or 1(800)955-8770 (Voice).
If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Board with respect to any matter considered at this meeting or hearing, he/she will need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceeding is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence from which the appeal is to be issued.
For more information, you may contact: John Schert, jschert@ufl.edu 352-392-6264